Annual Intellectual Property survey articles in Canadian Lawyer magazine
Title Date Published
Legal Update: Intellectual Property and Trade-Marks June, 2003
Legal Update: Patents and Copyright February, 2003
Legal Update: Trade-Mark Law June, 2002
Legal Update: Patents and Copyright-Mark Law February, 2002
Legal Update: Trade-Mark Law June, 2001
Legal Update: Patent Survey February, 2001
Legal Update: Trade-Mark Law June, 2000
Legal Update: Patents February, 2000
Trade-Marks and the Internet June, 1999
Legal Update: Intellectual Property February, 1999
Legal Update: Trade-Mark Law June, 1998
Legal Update: Copyright and Patents February, 1998
Legal Update: Trade-Mark Law October, 1997
Intellectual Property: Patent and Copyright Law February, 1997
Legal Update: Trade-Mark and Industrial Design October, 1996
Intellectual Property Columns in The Lawyers Weekly
Title Date Published
Good News for Parents: Lego blocks are "functional" September 20, 2002
NOC Regulations: What patents can be listed? May 24, 2002
Free-Lancers' Summary Judgment Motion Dismissed Against Globe and Mail November 30, 2001
Court of Appeal for Ontario Experiments with Mediation in a Civil Case August 31, 2001
BC Case Deals with IP Issues Surrounding Meta Tags on the Internet June 22, 2001
Trade-Marks Office Not Following Unitel Ruling May 18, 2001
Evergreening Drug Patents A Big Issue February 2, 2001
JumpTV Wants to Put TV Signals on the Internet January 12, 2001
Mouse Case May Signal Shift to US Law September 8, 2000
TM Interlocutory Injunctions Too Hard to Get? May 19, 2000
Intellectual Property: Soon a Firm's Most Valuable Asset? April 14, 2000
New international procedure on internet cybersquatting January, 2000
Copyright Board decision deals with copyright and the internet December 17, 1999
Conference examines IP in the New Millennium November 5, 1999
A subsidy parading as a litigation system September 10, 1999
Supreme Court of Canada to hear 2 Patent Cases August 13, 1999
Will Business Methods Soon be Patentable? April 30, 1999
Patent database opens door to weirdness January 22, 1999
Who gets the profit from copyrighted material on the Net? January 8, 1999
Drug companies winning the price wars Septmber 25, 1998
National newspapers engage in trademark war August 28, 1998
A tale of two patents May 22, 1998
An IP hodgepodge: Just add chocolate April 24, 1998
Prime minister drags IP into the political arena February 27, 1998
Cases, legislation deliver jolt to copyright law December 5, 1997
Coke trade mark always the real thing November 7, 1997
Sand, sun and patents: IP in Bermuda October 17, 1997
Patent register ruling bad news for drug makers September 5, 1997
Summary judgment finally an option in IP cases June 27, 1997
Little new in Canada's drug patent laws June 27, 1997
Generic pill manufacturers win Prozac fight May 30, 1997
Could intellectual property laws spell the end of China's Communist rule? April 25, 1997
Pharmaceutical patent wars continue to rage February 21, 1997
Door to grey market goods may be open February 21, 1997
Why the Canadian Patent Reporter stopped including 'editorial comments' January, 1997
A columnist's junket: how a robot can breach Vanna White's personality rights October 25, 1996
Generics win one on tablet appearance August 30, 1996
Widespread prescription drug wars largely attributable to complex regulatory scheme June 28, 1996
Change in U.S. patent law creates $100M windfall March 29, 1996
Use common sense in patents February, 1996
Of pink bunnies, salami, and MPs on motorcycles February 16, 1996
Experts divided on future of information highway October 27, 1995
Some interlocutory injunction cases: the 'nays' seem to have it October 25, 1995
All drug consumers affected by NOC Regulations September 15, 1995
Big brother gets into the information selling business June 30, 1995
Patent Wars: Apotex scores upset in hypertense litigation over drug used to treat hypertension May 12, 1995
Miss Nude Universe and the law of trade-marks February 17, 1995
Can pranksters nab company names off the internet? December 16, 1994
Baking soda and pie crusts: cases consider comparative advertising November 18, 1994
Fantasyland and pink pills: a tale of two recent passing off cases October 7, 1994
The battle over the notice of compliance regulations September 9, 1994
Broadcasters fighting feds' plan for 'neighbouring rights' June 24, 1994
Mattress manufacturer wins injunction in patent breach dispute June 24, 1994
CANCOPY collective clobbers copyshop June 24, 1994
How copyright and patent laws protect computer software May 27, 1994
Multimedia: what is it? Who owns it? May 27, 1994
The Stink case: Do foreign trade mark owners have common-law rights in Canada? May 13, 1994
Will the information highway make IP obsolete? April 8, 1994
Summary judgment comes to the Federal Court March 4, 1994
Private lawyers won't handle hearings under GATT system for IP disputes February 11, 1994
Is the era of the injunction over? January 7, 1994